Mr Bean is a British television series which ran for fourteen episodes from 1990 to 1995. Rowan Atkinson stars as the eponymous Mr Bean, a character which he developed while studying for his degree at Oxford University. Atkinson described him as a child in a grown man's body. The series follows his exploits as he attempts to solve everyday tasks, usually causing massive disruptions in the process. The comedy is almost exclusively physical, Bean rarely speaks, and this probably accounts for the great universal success of the series around the world; it was sold to 245 territories around the globe. The series was influenced by physical performers such as Jacques Tati and comedic actors from silent films. During its five-year run it gained huge audience figures, peaking with 18.74 million for the 1991 episode, The Trouble with Mr Bean. It won a number of international awards, notably the Rose D'Or. Bean even put in an appearance at the 2012 London Olympics, playing the organ at the opening ceremony.

Mr Bean lives alone in his small flat and is almost always dressed in his trademark tweed jacket and red tie. His incapacity for doing what are on the face of it, simple tasks, is seemingly at odds with his inventive way of solving the many problems that present themselves in his everyday life.

Despite his weird ways and manner, Bean somehow has a girlfriend called Irma Gobb. She appears in a number of episodes, namely The Curse of Mr Bean, Mr Bean Goes to Town and Merry Christmas Mr Bean. He generally treats her inconsiderately and the romantic interest seems to be all on Irma's side. In Merry Christmas Mr Bean Irma finally gives up on him after he fails to propose to her. We never see her again in subsequent episodes.

The two things that Mr Bean seems to not be able to live without are his Teddy Bear and Mini car. His Teddy Bear is perhaps also his best friend. The weird brown sausage shaped object is treated by Bean as though it is alive. The bear is a fixture throughout the series and crops up in the final episode.

In the very first episode, our protagonist drives around in an orange 1969 Mini which is demolished in an off-screen crash in the final scene. From then on his car of choice is another Mini, a 1976 - 1980 model, coloured green. To protect his beloved car from theft, the usual car-lock is replaced by a bolt-latch with a padlock fitted. Instead of removing the ignition key from the car like most normal people, Bean removes the steering wheel.

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The words of the song played in the opening titles and end credits are, "Ecce homo" ("ecce homo qui est faba. Vale homo qui est faba") translate to "behold the man who is a bean. Farewell the man who is a bean".

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Some Noted Appearances

Bean -- Rowan Atkinson
Girlfriend -- Mathilda Ziegler
Exam Invigilator -- Rudolph Walker
Various -- Angus Deayton
Various -- Robin Driscoll
Thief -- Nick Hancock
Dentist -- Richard Wilson
Traffic Warden -- Caroline Quentin
Bus Stop Man -- Roger Sloman

Here are some screenshots of the series, featuring one for each episode:

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